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Performance Development Corporation would like to take you on a tour of a most exquisite island - an island where fabulous marsh views overlook seemingly endless beauty replace super highways and parking lots - an island where the terms "world-class tennis" and "world-class golf" are used in tandem with its name, and where hypnotic views of the Atlantic Ocean will beckon you and hold onto you until a cool evening breeze breaks the spell!

It's often called a gem on the Atlantic's treasured coast-but we call it home!

This is Hilton Head Island!

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Video Transcript:I live on Hilton Head Island. It's an impressive claim, especially to those who only know the island as this beautiful Southern paradise! And although we live, work, and play here in Paradise every day, we never take it for granted! Now, I've only lived here for a short while, so I've enlisted the help of longtime resident, Dr. Arthur Segal, to help guide you along your way, as you discover why so many people are in love with Hilton Head!

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Video Transcript:We have some of the best golf courses on the globe and some of the best golf pros to assist you. The Heritage of Golf yearly championship is held here each spring, with worldwide coverage. We have wonderful tennis courts and great tennis coaches to teach. We also have fulltime schools for tennis on Hilton Head Island.

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Video Transcript:Ellen and I Came to the island ten years ago full time. We've been coming here since 1975. We chose Hilton Head because of the wonderful things that are happening here and the wonderful people that live here. Ellen and I have been blessed to travel to over 159 countries and of all the places we've seen in the world, we would not trade them in for anyplace to live other than Hilton Head Island.

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