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Hilton Head certainly has no shortage of places to eat. We've got Greek, Italian, Thai, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, and fine dining as well as fast food and steakhouses! And we obviously have dozens of delicious seafood restaurants throughout the town. Have you ever heard of custom-made donuts? We've got 'em! We also have some amazing BBQ joints, plenty of delis for healthy and fresh food, bakeries, diners, ocean-oriented and oceanfront snack bars, and some Creole cuisine. Mediterranean cuisine also has a home on Hilton Head Island, as do a few local taverns and pubs. And pizza comes from a handful of different restaurants including nation-wide franchises and one-of-a-kind eateries.

During your vacation, you might be tempted to stick to ordering "the usual." But we encourage you to step outside that box! With so much to choose from, why limit yourself to a taste you've experienced before? Try a cup of Avgolemono soup or some raw oysters while you're here. Pick up a box of S'mores- or Almond Joy-flavored donuts for a breakfast treat. Take a break from the sun and enjoy a refreshingly frozen Fruit Loop from just one of our many daiquiri bars and then get rid of brain freeze with a hot fried alligator tail. Order a Mojito complete with a stick of sugar cane for gnawing on your way to a romantic evening beach picnic, leave a Take-n-Bake pizza for the kids, and appreciate our East Coast Lowcountry sunset during a scrumptious meal of potato-crusted catfish and jambalaya.

Some of our bakeries specialize in wedding cakes and others in bagels. Some of our grilles offer elegant settings while next door you can find a sports bar. No matter what craving you feel, Hilton Head Island can satisfy those urges on any budget!

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