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Hilton Head Island's relocation companies can help with any kind of move. Storage facilities are available for items that just will not fit at home. And there are national, regional, and even local moving services to help transfer your belongings to your new home.

When moving, choose and contact your moving service a few days ahead of time to reserve enough moving space. You will want to be sure the company you are using will have a moving truck in the size you will need, for instance. Pack your most special belongings a few days before the scheduled move so you can quickly load up and go. Otherwise, you will waste half your day and wear out your helpers packing things that you probably really want to pack yourself, to make sure they are property wrapped and labeled.

It is nice to have refreshments for those helpers, too. Something as simple as soft drinks and pizza will go a long way towards saying "Thank you for taking hours, if not a full day, out of your life to help with mine." If you have young children, pack the items they will need in separate boxes first and ask the moving crew to load those last, so they will be the first items unloaded once you arrive at your new destination.

Keep a supply of garbage bags handy, to ease the strain of cleaning up after such a long wearisome day. Also, be sure there will be parking room at both your old and your new locations for all of the vehicles involved - it would be quite miserable to get towed your first day at your new home!

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