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Say I do! on Hilton Head Island

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Is there really a wedding season any more? I've been to a lot of weddings and they seem to fall any time of the year in any destination on the planet. In the past 5 years alone I've been to weddings in Lake Tahoe, Massachusetts, Hilton Head, and even South Africa! But no matter the destination, no matter the number of guests, there is planning involved in having a wedding. It can be as simple or as elegant as you want and there are so many options, it may be hard to make decisions.

Since we are located on Hilton Head Island, and I was married here on the Island, I know a little bit about the subject. And although every wedding and bride are unique, there are some similar themes to consider when having a wedding on the Island... the basic "who", "what", "where", "when", and "how".

Who will marry you? Not "who are you going to marry", hopefully you have that figured out already! The officiant of your wedding can be a preacher, priests, judge, notary public, or anyone who completes the online program to become ordained. Before you ask someone to perform your ceremony, be sure to check their Officiant's certification. For more information, visit: Officiants .

What type of wedding do you want? Do you want simple, elegant, romantic, eclectic? Knowing your theme will help when you are deciding upon your venue. It will help you picture the day in the setting.

Where will you say, "I do"? Do you want a ballroom, a beach, a vacation rental, a boat? Hilton Head Island offers all of these options and more. For more information, visit: Facilities.

When will you marry? Our temperatures range from mild to downright hot! Our official off season is October through March so you are likely to find more reasonable prices for hotels, ballrooms, photographers, etc. October, November, and March generally have temps from 60—75 degrees and then the cooler months (December, January, and February) run from 50 — 65 degrees. It rarely snows, and if it does it's just a flurry or two, so there are few worries on that front. If you have your heart set on a Spring wedding, just be aware of the many events on the Island that may make it more difficult to find a venue or out of town lodging. If you want a Summer wedding, expect it to be hot and humid with a likely chance of an afternoon shower.

How will coordinate it all? Visit our sister site Hilton Head Island Wedding for everything you need to know for planning a wedding including photographers, cakes, caterers, spas, transportation, and much more.

Congratulations and Best Wishes on your new life together!

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