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Family Fun on Hilton Head Island

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Inclement Weather Fun for the Family on Hilton Head Island

Obviously most people think of the beach when they talk about Hilton Head Island. However, as much as we do not like to admit it... some days are not beach days. Yes, it's true. We have the occasional rainy day and in the winter time the temps can get fairly low — not New England low, mind you — but in the low 50's. So you are here with your family and it is cold or rainy or cold and rainy. What can you do for fun? Never fear! The Island is full of fun things to do.

The tried and true Library. It worked for our parents when we were young and it still has the same appeal for the little ones. The Hilton Head Island Library has fun activities all summer long for a variety of age groups and loves new visitors. Located mid-island on Beach City Road. Weekly event and address information can be found at Hilton Head Library.

Adventure Cove. Reminiscent of boardwalk arcades, this fun activity center has arcade games, skee ball, and mini-golf. Kids can collect tickets and win prizes and adults can sit and relax knowing that the kids are having a blast. Adventure Cove has been recently renovated and also can accommodate birthday parties. Located mid-island on Folly Field Road. Visit their website at Adventure cove.

Brickz 4 Kidz. If you have a little builder in your life, he or she will love Brickz 4 Kidz. This franchised Creativity Center has tons of LEGO® Bricks, for kids to make unique creations, build cars to race, and more. There are scheduled events, classes, and camps for all ages. Located on the South End on New Orleans Road. Learn more at: Brickz 4 Kidz.

Island Playground. This is every tired parent's dream come true. Parents can sit and relax in comfortable furniture [and access free wi-fi!] while their children run bounce on inflatables, play dress up, "cook" dinner in the imagination kitchen, conquer the obstacle course, and much more. There is an indoor picnic area and many snacks to choose from. You'll be so happy and comfortable that you won't even realize how much time passes while you're in there. Located across from Moss Creek in Bluffton. For directions and more information, visit Island Playground.

The Sandbox Interactive Children's Museum. This museum, founded by local educators and parents has everything your young child needs for a fun day inside. There is 'airplane' where kids can fly the friendly skies, a restaurant where kids can take orders and prepare 'food', a builders loft, a pirate ship, a separate infant and toddler room, arts and crafts, a vocation dress up station, and so much more. The Sandbox offers "Parent's night out" programs, Imagination Hours, and other seasonal programs. Located on the South End on Pope Avenue. For directions and more information, click here.

With all of these fun options, you may just forget that the Island is surrounded by 12 miles of wide beaches … but only for a minute. Have a great day!!

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