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We have some of the best golf courses on the globe and some of the best golf pros to assist you. The Heritage of Golf yearly championship is held here each spring, with worldwide coverage.

We have wonderful tennis courts and great tennis coaches to teach. We also have fulltime schools for tennis on Hilton Head Island.

We have a top notch arts center on Hilton Head, which won the South Carolina governor's award for the best performing arts center in the state. There are many festivals that also include live music of all kinds. We have a jazz club and bars that offer all kinds of music for your enjoyment. There are different movie theaters and other live theater venues like the Main Street Theater and the South Carolina Repertory Theater. There's so much to do on Hilton Head Island!

Hilton Head Island has activities at night, ranging from beach walks to view the stars, to pubs,bars and lounges going until the sun comes up!

Since I first came to Hilton Head in 1976 as a vacationer, there has been much growth. We have 35,000 full-time residents now, but are blessed with a dedicated local government doing its best to not allow this growth to interfere with the overall vision of Man living at peace with nature that Charles Fraser had when he began to develop Hilton Head Island.

We are blessed with a great abundance of places to dine with our families and friends. We have fabulous fresh-seafood restaurants and wonderful theme places and awesome places for steaks and all sorts of fantastic ethnic foods.

There are so many clubs and organizations on Hilton Head Island that the Island Packet newspaper devotes an entire page just to listing them. Just the arts organizations could take one an entire week of meeting-going to partake in all of them!

We have many houses of worship of all denominations, on Hilton Head Island, offering fellowship, Bible classes, religious training for children, and social events.

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