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Long Term Housing Options in Hilton Head Island, SC

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While a vacation rental home is usually rented for one or two weeks, long-term rentals on Hilton Head are leased. Vacationers in long-term rentals will pay their own utilities, for example, for the duration of their stay in comparison to vacation rentals, where the property's owner(s) pay all the expenses and just charge guests a weekly rate.

Long-term rentals are the best option for vacationers who plan to stay all summer or all winter. Hilton Head attracts "snowbirds" (as locals call vacationers from northern states who visit the south and other warmer locations during the cold seasons) because of this area's temperate weather and year-round vacation ambiance. Many guests choose to rent the same long-term rentals each year, making Hilton Head a family tradition. Others might choose a long-term rental here to stay in while they search for their own vacation home to purchase. Still more returning guests choose new long-term accommodations each year.

Hilton Head Island's long-term rentals might not be an option for last-minute vacationers. Because a long-term vacation rental is a leased property, paperwork and advanced payment is a common necessity that some people won't have time for. But if you have the time to plan ahead, in some cases months in advance, renting a private home or condo long-term is certainly the perfect fit for you. If a private home is not what you had in mind, take a look around at local hotels; quite a few of them offer long-term rates, too!

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