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When you're looking for your vacation accommodations on Hilton Head Island, consider what you expect from your trip, be it a fun club-hopping trip, a romantic getaway, or quality time with family.

Perhaps you're scheduling accommodations for wedding guests. If you're bringing a lot of people, you might want to look into vacation rentals (i.e. private homes, condos, and/or villas) but if you're on your honeymoon, for example, you may want to check into one of the luxury resorts' bridal suites.

Are you bringing a large group? Is this a family affair, or a bunch of friends? Is this your honeymoon? Perhaps you can't bear to travel without your dog?

Remember that where you stay on vacation will influence the quality of your trip. For example, a weeklong stay at a gorgeous, expensive estate will probably put a sizeable dent in your travel funds. Getting a cheap motel room, on the other hand, probably won't feel too romantic. So, take into consideration the size of your group, your accommodations budget, how important where you'll be sleeping really is to you, and the amenities you absolutely must have, when selecting your quarters.

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